Incentives & Motivation
Incentives can be tricky. Companies often use incentives without really understanding the effect they have on behavior. In some cases, small changes to the incentive structure can have a dramatic impact on the organization’s goals. Understanding how and when incentives work to change behavior can help companies optimize salesforce incentives, customer reward programs, customer engagement, customer loyalty programs, and employee wellness programs.

Pricing Strategy
Our consultants use simple experimentation and tools from behavioral economics to help companies set optimal prices and predict customer purchase decisions. Our team is credited for playing a major role as pioneers in pay-what-you-want pricing research as well as other areas of behavioral pricing. Understanding the psychology behind purchase decisions, we help organizations increase demand and enhance value.

Fundraising Strategy & Philanthropic Sciences
What motivates people give to charity? Altruism? Warm-glow? Tax incentives? What drives donors to pick one charitable cause over another? As behavioral economists, we have been researching donor decision making over the past several decades. Using findings from past fundraising research and by testing new fundraising campaigns, we assist charities and non-profits in finding effective fundraising solitions.

Improving Health & Wellness
How can policy-makers, employers, insurance companies, school teachers and administrators use behavioral science to improve the health and wellness of their members? Our research shows that small changes to incentives and messaging can have a major impact on healthy behavior and healthy habit formation. We use principles from behavioral economics to increase healthy habits & choices.