Customized Workshops

Part of our mission is to teach others how to incorporate behavioral economic principles into their everyday strategic decision-making. We offer in-house workshops for companies looking to teach managers and employees how to use behavioral economics to impact customer experience and company performance. Topics include:

Structuring Incentive & Reward Programs that Work

Incentives can be tricky. Companies often use incentives schemes without really understanding the effect they have on behavior. In some cases, small changes to the incentive structure can have a dramatic impact on the organization’s goals.

Learn how & when incentives do (and dont) work, & how to apply these rules to salesforce incentives, customer reward & loyalty programs, and employee wellness programs.

Putting Behavioral Economics to Work

Learn about key principles from behavioral economics and how to use these insights to find solutions to your business challenges.

Loss aversion, regret, choice architecture, mental accounting, social norms – what do they mean and how can you put them to work to positively impact your organization’s performance?

Meaningful Data: Getting the Most from A/B Testing

With the increasing ease of collecting consumer data, many companies waste precious time and resources analyzing bad data, (i.e., “garbage in, garbage out”).

This workshop offers strategies to ensure managers are collecting the right data and offers guidance on when and how to use A/B testing and other larger-scale experimentation.